J.F.K. Heritage Dialogue

John Kennedy:

Thank you so much Alessandra for sharing this with me! It is Beautiful and Priceless! Warmest Wishes, ~John

Alexandra d’Epiro Dusmet de Beaulieu:
“U.S.A. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s – In God We Trust!- and -Liberty- My Grand- Mother’s to my Mother gift. In God and Liberty I Want to Trust !” ~Alexandra d’Epiro Dusmet de Beaulieu

John Kennedy:
One of my very favorite treasures and gifts I have received…the JFK gold and silver watch…on my wrist!!! A wonderful reminder of love and valor and his humanity!!!

John Kennedy :
Photo # 2. My JFK watch! It was a magical time! The world will never experience it again….the grace and beauty and dignity of President and Mrs. Kennedy!

Alessandra d’Epiro Dusmet:
“Grateful to Honorable Lord John Kennedy’ s as President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Unique Heritage.
Man’s the Best from past into present into future, from the Oldest World into the Newest World, from Alexandros the Great ‘s to JFK’s , from the Empire -koine- of Cultures to the USA Cultures into the strongest message of a Better Culture of Peace.
-In God we Trust
-In Liberty we Trust
-In Man we Trust
Honored and devoted to Man’s Greatness Heritage”.
Alexandra d’Epiro Dusmet de Beaulieu

Alessandra d’Epiro Dusmet :
“Oliver Stone’s -JFK-and ( yesterday evening Italian TV RAI 3) Peter Landesman’s -Parkland-, even in a very different way, might be seen in their Historical drama climax, as the world’s witness of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s policy of change in his political, social and economic justice that makes the distinction between before B.J.F.K. and after A.J.F.K., forever”.

Alessandra d’Epiro Dusmet:
“Gratefully Honorable Lord John Kennedy. Unique heritage treasure. To Harvard Kennedy School -2016 USA Presidential Election Webcast Road to Convention- I wrote: From the Old World Alexandros and Nero’s Greek and Roman Culture people’s koine and the Knights’ of the Sovereign Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta first European Union Culture into the New World with JFK’s people’s difference as richness the strongest intercultural policy of Man’s Greatness from different cultures to a better culture.
The Greatest Man’s Heritage.Honoured and devoted to.Merci!
– In God and Liberty we trust!-”
Alexandra d’Epiro Dusmet de Beaulieu



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